Advance Your Computer Science Career
Advance Your Computer Science Career

Computer Science Graduate Program Career Opportunities

As adoption of new technologies grows, computer science professionals play a central role in shaping the digital landscapes of the future. Your coveted knowledge and highly applicable skills are valuable in virtually every industry, and current job openings and salaries reflect this high demand.

If you want to take the next step in your tech career, explore the variety of computer science jobs that are available for those with an online graduate certificate or master’s in computer science.

open jobs in computing nationwide1
job growth for computer and information research scientists through 20322
average salary for computer and information research scientists2

STEM Occupations Lead in Job Growth3

24% of U.S. jobs are in STEM4

Positions in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are rising every year.4 This is not only because of the increased demand for tech-savvy workers, but also because of the new applications for STEM in previously untapped markets. Depending on your interests, you could apply your computer science and STEM-related skills in healthcare, finance, education, insurance, agriculture, retail, and big tech.

From 2021 to 2031 Stem occupations are projected to grow faster than others. STEM Occupations have an expected 10.8% Growth by 2031 while Non-Stem Occupations should only expected a 4.9% growth by 2031.

Focus On Computing and Computer Science Careers

Within this impressive STEM growth, computer science and computing roles are especially popular because of the near ubiquity of computers and digital devices. In fact, 8 out of 10 of the best technology jobs are directly related to computer science.5 With an advanced education, you can tap into the swelling demand for developers, analysts, project managers, and IT team leads.

Projected Percent Employments Change, 2021-2031 for the following positions (Information Security Analyst - Growth over 30% | Web Developers - Growth - Around 30% |Software Developers - Growth - Over 25% |Computer and Information Research Scientist - Growth - Over 20% |Software Quality Assurance and Testers - Growth - Over 20% |Web and Digital Interface Designers - Growth - Over 15%) Total all occupations: 5.3%

Stand Out In Top Tech Jobs

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The Difference a Graduate Education Makes In Your Career

Education, credentials, and hands-on training are crucial to stand out in competitive tech fields. With an online M.S. in Computer Science or online Computational Data Science Certificate, you’ll stand out in the sea of resumes and receive the type of education that employers want to see in their new hires.

Essential Computer Science Skills

  • Computer programming
  • Information technology
  • Logic
  • Problem solving
  • Data science
  • Creativity

M.S. in Computer Science Curriculum

Computation Data Science Certificate Curriculum

Contemporary IT developer working at the office

The Average Master’s Degree In Computing Graduate Earns:

$30k more
per year than those with only an undergraduate degree in computing7
$60k more
per year for those transitioning from outside the field of computing7
26% higher
salary than those with only a bachelor’s degree in computing7

Average Salaries In Computer Science

With so much potential in the applications of computer science, companies are increasingly invested in finding the right people for their open jobs—and paying them well. Median salaries in this discipline are far higher than the average for all occupations and continue to grow.2

IT consultant in data center uses laptop to prevent system overload during peak traffic periods

How Much Can Computer Science Professionals Make?

Computer Scientist2
Cybersecurity Specialist8
AI Scientist9
Tech Project Manager10

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