Chris Nikolopoulos

Chris Nikolopoulos


Ph.D., Mathematics, Colorado State University
M.S., Mathematics, Colorado State University
M.S., Computer Science, Michigan State University
B.S., Mathematics, National Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece

Dr. Chris Nikolopoulos has been at Bradley University since 1987. Prior to Bradley, he taught at Colorado State University, Louisiana State University, and Saginaw Valley State University. Dr. Nikolopoulos is a recipient of the national Fulbright Senior Scholar Award. His teaching and research interests include activities in artificial intelligence in the areas of knowledge-based systems, evolutionary computation, intelligent agents, logic programming, machine learning, data mining and robotics.

He has also been involved in a number of consulting activities in the areas of artificial intelligence, intelligent systems, data mining, including: development of decision tree and genetic algorithms based learning models for insurance underwriting, development of a NN clustering model for strategic placement of ambulances, development of models for online community document classification using clustering algorithms.

At Bradley, in addition to programming and data structures, he teaches the following courses: CS561 Artificial Intelligence, CS 562 Intelligent Systems and Applications, CS 563 Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, CIS 588 Expert Systems and Knowledge Based Systems, CS 572 Advanced Databases, CS 612 Theory of Computation and MST 630 Teaching Science Using Robotic Platforms. He regularly involves both undergraduate and graduate students in his research, who often present findings at conferences and co-author papers and patent applications.

Dr. Nikolopoulos has published a senior/graduate level book on knowledge-based systems and machine learning and over 65 research papers in refereed Journals and refereed proceedings.

He has worked with his students on numerous research grants over the past 20 years from governmental, industrial and academic sponsors including Caterpillar Inc., the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), and the National Society of Manufacturing Engineers (ASME).

He has served as session chair or program committee member for over 30 national and international conferences in various areas of artificial intelligence, reviewed a number of journals and conferences, and served as an external assessor/referee of research grant proposals on Artificial Intelligence in international organizations such as the Hong Kong Research Grants Council.

  • Journal reviewer/referee: Journal of Expert Systems, Data and Knowledge Engineering Journal, International Neural Networks Journal, Computer and Software Engineering Journal, International Journal for Computers and Applications, Microcomputer Journal, Journal of ACM.
  • Program committee member, organizing committee member, session chair, reviewer for over 30 national and international conferences on AI/Intelligent Systems such as International Conference on Tools with AI (ICTAI), International Conference on Neural Networks (ICNN), Artificial Intelligence in Engineering (IEA/AIE), World Congress on Expert Systems (WCES), Florida Artificial Intelligence Research Symposium (FLAIRS), ACM and SIGSE conferences.

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